Pictured from left to right:

Gaddis Cavenah, Mickie Will, James Ruby & Cliff Ashmon


Photo Taken at Mock Crest Tavern


Too Much Fun!!

Hey Rocket fans!

  Still the end of winter’s reign, and the sun’s been dancin’ like its spring. Kind of wacky, but way better than this time last year, and The Hudson Rocket Band’s been feelin’ that ol’ cosmic groove. Cordless, Gaddis, James, & Mickie have had their noses to the grindstone writin’ new songs for the upcoming CD. Some really hot new material! You’re gonna love it. We’re all looking forward to performing our newest tunes for everybody at the next gigs. So make sure to make a note on your calendar, 9pm Friday March 12th at Trail’s End Saloon in Oregon City.

  The HRB crew was saddened with the news of our good friend Bob Hodges passing this last month. Bob and his wife Margaret are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Bob was not only a true Blues lover that devoted himself to bringing a little bit of that fabulous Memphis heritage to Portland, (Through his family style Blues & BBQ themed restaurant/night club, Beale Street NW.) but a man with more integrity than most people on the planet. Truly a special friend and we’ll miss him very much. Journey well Brother.

  To honor Bob in the style he so loved, there’s a party at Trail’s End Saloon on Sunday March 14th starting around 3pm. Many of Bob’s good friends (Some of the best Bluesmen in Portland!) are going to entertain y’all to tears, and The Hudson Rocket Band is pleased to be in the line up. The evening promises to be just too much fun plus an event to remember, so bring the family and friends on down and we’ll eat, drink, and boogie to the memory of one great guy, Bob Hodges.


As always, we appreciate your support and cant wait to see you.  Check out the calendar for our upcoming gigs so you can be sure to be there.  We love to hear from you as well, so give us a shout at hudsonrocket@hudsonrocket.com

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